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Business Continuity Plan

LoCorr Distributors has a Business Continuity Plan (“Plan”) which outlines our response to an event that significantly disrupts our normal course of business. The Plan is reviewed annually and updated as necessary. As a significant business disruption can vary widely in scope and is unpredictable in nature, LoCorr Distributors has created the Plan to allow flexibility in our means and degree of response and to recover business functionality as quickly as possible.

Our Plan outlines how LoCorr Distributors will assess a significant business disruption and respond if a building, city-wide, or regional incident disrupts our business. The Plan establishes a team of employees to evaluate the disruption and execute the portions of the plan relevant to the severity of the event. It is LoCorr Distributors’ intent to restore business operations as quickly as possible and the severity of the event will dictate the portions of the plan which are invoked, including: protection of employees and property, using alternate physical locations for employees, back-up and recovery of data, conducting a financial and operational assessment, and communication with employees, business partners, banks, and regulators.

During a significant business disruption, please call us at 888.626.2887 for recorded announcements and other contact information regarding the disruption.

For more information regarding the Business Continuity Plan, please contact us at 952.767.6903 or jessen@locorrfunds.com.