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Why LoCorr

Helping Investors Diversify for Better Investment Outcomes

Founded in 2003 on the belief that non-traditional investments with low correlation to stocks and bonds can increase diversification, reduce risk, and enhance portfolio returns, LoCorr offers a family of mutual funds and expertise in blending low-correlation investment products to a broad range of investors, helping them achieve their financial goals in an increasingly complex investment environment.

Our firm’s conviction in telling the low-correlation investment story is a powerful driving force. Even our name, LoCorr, reflects our focus and belief in the importance of these strategies for a healthy portfolio.

Real Managers with Real Track Records

We are dedicated to collaborating with great managers.

By offering access to distinguished institutional money managers with extensive track records, we help provide exposure to innovative investment processes, strong investment selections, systematic buy and sell disciplines, targeted fundamental research, thorough market intelligence, and extensive industry experience.

Our deep research background and collaboration with these managers helps us bring carefully crafted, low-correlation products to market that seek to lower portfolio volatility and provide the potential to profit in both up and down markets. Our partners include:


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Specialists in Combining Low-Correlation Strategies

Allocating to a single low-correlation strategy can be an effective way to diversify a portfolio. But in our experience, advisors finding the most success construct an alternative “sleeve” by allocating to a mix of complementary low-correlation strategies.

Specifically, low-correlating strategies can be combined to increase the likelihood of achieving multiple investor-centric goals, such as inflation protection, volatility and risk management, equity risk diversification, or producing additional sources of income or returns. For better portfolio outcomes, we believe that the proper methodology for building a low-correlation sleeve is to combine two or three strategies that don’t correlate to each other and don’t correlate to stocks or bonds.

Let us help you design an optimal mix of strategies based on investor goals

Our experienced team has been working with clients for 20 years to help construct low-correlating sleeves based on unique investor needs. To learn more, contact us, or explore some of our Blended Solutions here.


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