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Chart Library

A library of insightful educational charts to help guide client conversations.

Chart Rebuild the 60/40 with Low-Correlating Solutions

Given the wide range of economic uncertainties, investors should consider a more diversified asset allocation than 60/40....

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Chart Stock and Bond Correlation: Negative and Positive Regimes

The correlation between stocks and bonds plays a critical role in portfolio construction....

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Chart Is a 40% Allocation to Bonds Still Justified?

Bonds might not be able to contribute to a portfolio as much as they have historically....

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Chart Low-Correlating Strategies May Enhance Portfolio Performance

Modernizing the traditional 60/40 portfolio to a 60/20/20 portfolio can provide increased returns and reduced drawdowns....

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Chart/Value Added Yield Curve Inversions – A Cause for Concern?

The yield curve inversions have historically been a reliable indicator of upcoming recessions....

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Chart The Benefits of a Sleeve of Low-Correlating Strategies

By blending low-correlating strategies into a sleeve, a portfolio can deliver a more consistent return stream, while also providing a smoother ride across multiple market environments....

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